Building a Lean Culture.

Cory Hackler1, Erika Byse2, Dean Reed3 & Thais da C.L. Alves4

1DPR Construction, 1450 Veterans Boulevard, Redwood City, CA. [email protected]
2DPR Construction, 222 N. 44th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034, [email protected]
3DPR Construction, 1450 Veterans Boulevard, Redwood City, CA. [email protected]
4Associate Professor, J.R. Filanc Construction Engineering and Management Program, Dept. of Civil, Constr., and Env. Engineering, San Diego State University, USA, [email protected]


To accelerate understanding and implementation of Lean throughout a large general contracting company, the Lean leadership group, with the support of management at all levels, shifted from training employees on tools and solutions, to educating them about Lean principles as an overarching way to run their projects. This industry paper describes the work that the company has and is currently doing to train professionals in all its business units. It explains why and how the effort started, the feedback received from participants who have attended a new course in Lean leadership, and the plans to expand this program to increase and sustain Lean implementation. The paper provides a contribution to the literature on Lean implementation and change management and underscores the importance of creating a culture based on solid understanding of the Lean vocabulary, principles, and goals to create a critical mass across projects.


Lean leadership, Lean education, Lean culture.



Hackler, C. , Byse, E. , Reed, D. & Alves, T. C. 2017. Building a Lean Culture., 25th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 309-316.

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