Lean Metric System: Proposal for a Performance Measurement System for Construction Projects.

Juliana Quinderé Carneiro1, André Quinderé Carneiro2, Vitor Arruda Machado3, Luis Felipe Cândido4 & José de Paula Barros Neto5

1Civil Engineer at Aval Engineering, Brazil, [email protected]
2CEO, Aval Engineering, Brazil, [email protected]
3CEO, Aval Engineering, Brazil, [email protected]
4Professor, Christus University Center (UNICHRISTUS), Brazil, [email protected]
5Professor, Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Brazil, [email protected]


The application of Information Technology (IT) for the constructions management is mentioned as an important success factor. Improved IT management tools can help reduce important issues such as information gathering, misrepresentation, and lack of process standardization. These issues are related to the information flow and transparency, one of the principles of Lean Construction (LC), which will be explored in this research. This paper aims to present the development of a Performance Measurement System (PMS) with IT application, named Lean Metric (LM). Developed for the application of construction projects, LM uses concepts of hierarchical planning to monitor the constructions term and cost, based on information collected at the construction site. The LM was developed and tested in the last three years by a consulting company of planning and control of constructions in Fortaleza city. Its creation was crucial to increase the company's competitiveness, reducing operational costs and increasing confidence in the collected data. In addition, indicators are automatically calculated in real time, resulting in transparency in project results.


Project Control, Lean Construction, Project Management



Carneiro, J. Q. , Carneiro, A. Q. , Machado, V. A. , Cândido, L. F. & Neto, J. P. B. 2017. Lean Metric System: Proposal for a Performance Measurement System for Construction Projects., 25th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 629-636.

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