Improving On-Site Meeting Efficiency by Using an Automated Model Breakdown Tool

Leonardo Rischmoller1, Ning (Tony) Dong2, Martin Fischer3 & Atul Khanzode4

1DPR BIM Manager, DPR Construction [email protected]
2DPR R&D Manager [email protected]
3Center for Integrated Facility Engineering, Stanford University, Director [email protected]
4DPR Technology Group Director [email protected]


Integrating Building Information Modelling (BIM) to on-site meetings in the construction phase has been a challenge to general contractors mainly due to the inflexibility of the current practice in grouping and organizing models to facilitate rapid, on-the-spot model queries. We have developed an automation tool that supports the automatic grouping of models according to a certain model breakdown structure (MBS), which reflects a breakdown structure of a project. This enables a model navigator to identify the relevant model contents on the fly in a meeting thus drastically reducing the coordination latency in resolving an issue. This paper introduces two case studies to explain a non-intrusive process of introducing federated models produced by the automation tool to the meetings. The results of surveys to the meeting participants prove that the non-intrusive process as well as the models reflecting multiple MBS's changed the meeting participants' behaviour and enhanced their coordination, communication, and collaboration, thus improving the overall outcomes of the meetings.


Building Information Model (BIM), Model Breakdown Structure (MBS), Coordination Latency



Rischmoller, L. , Dong, N. (. , Fischer, M. & Khanzode, A. 2017. Improving On-Site Meeting Efficiency by Using an Automated Model Breakdown Tool, 25th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 397-404.

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