An Introduction to Open Building

Ype Cuperus1

1Director, OBOM Research Group, Delft University of Technology, De Vries van Heystplantsoen 2 2628 RZ Delft, The Netherlands, ph: +31.15.278 5400, FAX +31.15.278 8295, [email protected]


This paper aims to connect Open Building to Lean Construction. The concept of Open Building identifies the conflict between the inertia of the building and construction industry and a consumer demand in constant state of flux. It suggests distinguishing different levels of decision making, in order to decouple building parts with different life cycles, controlled by different parties, built by different trades. In order to decouple and yet coordinate, a set of rules for dimensioning, positioning and interfacing was developed. The paper concludes with examples of systems and product development, based on the principles of Open Building. It is an introduction to Open Building for a forum of Lean construction experts. Future discussions will show whether a synergy between the two concepts mentioned is worth exploring.


Open Building, Lean Construction, levels of decision making, positional and dimensional coordination.



Cuperus, Y. 2001. An Introduction to Open Building, 9th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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