Last Planner® System: Implementation in a Moroccan Construction Project

Habchi Hicham1, Cherradi Taoufiq2 & Soulhi Aziz3

1Université Mohammed V, Ecole Mohammedia Des Ingénieurs (EMI) (Morocco - Civil Engineering Laboratory), [email protected]
2Université Mohammed V,Ecole Mohammedia Des Ingénieurs (EMI) (Morocco - Civil Engineering Laboratory), [email protected]
3Ecole National Supérieur Des Mines De Rabat (ENSMR) (Morocco), [email protected]


As Morocco is a North African country witnessing constant initiation of major development projects, this paper attempts to integrate the Last Planner System® (LPS), for the first time, in a Moroccan construction project. Our case study tackles the structural work of a 21 building-residential project consisting of 396 housing units with four floors each. Works were launched in the site in June 2015. This paper aims to describe the implementation steps of LPS into a Moroccan site, and to analyze the latter’s evolution. Given that this system is still considered as unfamiliar in Morocco, we will try to answer the following questions while trying to apply LPS procedures on the Moroccan platform: What are Moroccan specificities that can contribute to smooth integration of LPS? What limitations may hurdle implementing LPS in Morocco? Are there any recommendations that shall help to adapt and improve incorporation of LPS within the Moroccan construction atmosphere? As far as data collection is concerned, we organized weekly site meetings with all the involved stakeholders of the project. During these meetings, activities of the following weeks were planned, and PPC of the previous one was calculated. Meanwhile, the root causes of variance were analyzed. As for the work flow, we drew a future six-week plan to check the probability of any potential constraints, in order to deal with them proactively. This work will considerably contribute to developing LPS implementation data base. It is indeed an unprecedented trial of its kind as this paper is about describing its first implementation in Morocco, a French-speaking country.


Last Planner System, Production Unit Control, Transformation Management, Workflow Management.



Hicham, H. , Taoufiq, C. & Aziz, S. 2016. Last Planner® System: Implementation in a Moroccan Construction Project, 24th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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