What Is a Good Plan?

Trond Bølviken1, Sigmund Aslesen2 & Lauri Koskela3

1, , and Director of Strategy, HR and HSE, Veidekke Entreprenør AS, P.O. Box 506 Skøyen, N-0214 Oslo, [email protected]
2Development manager, Veidekke Entreprenør AS, P.O. Box 506 Skøyen, N-0214 Oslo, [email protected]
3Professor of Construction and Project Management, School of Art, Design and Architecture, University of Huddersfield, Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 3DH, United Kingdom; email [email protected]. Also at Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, School of Engineering, Aalto University.


The word plan is in English both a verb and a noun, reminding us that to plan is a process resulting in a product, a plan. While the Last Planner System (LPS) is primarily focused on how to plan and control production, other planning concepts are more focused on the plan contents (the plan). A more explicit approach to the characteristics of a good plan could improve LPS as a planning concept. The paper proposes such a list, based on a discussion of the plan contents highlighted by the following planning concepts: Critical Path, the Location-Based Management System, Takt Planning, Critical Chain, Agile, Task Planning and the Last Planner System.




Bølviken, T. , Aslesen, S. & Koskela, L. 2015. What Is a Good Plan?, 23rd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 93-102. doi.org/

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