The Standardized Work Tool Applied to the Waterproofing Process With Acrylic Membrane

Nádia B. L. S. Fernandes1, Angela B. Saggin2, Caroline P. Valente3, Felipe L. Brito4 & Carlos Alexandre M. A. Mourão5

1Civil Engineer, Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 98868-8094, [email protected]
2Civil Engineer, Lean and Green Coordinator, C. Rolim Engenharia Ltda., Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 99903-0880, [email protected]
3Civil Engineer, M.Sc. candidate, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Building Innovation Research Unit (NORIE), Porto Alegre, Brazil, +55 85 98816-3444, car [email protected]
4Civil Engineer, Technical Manager, C. Rolim Engenharia Ltda., Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 3455- 8000, [email protected]
5Civil Engineer, Technical Director, C. Rolim Engenharia Ltda., Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 3455- 8000, [email protected]


The Standardized Work is a lean tool that looks for process stability and productivity gain, by defining three main elements: precise work sequence, takt-time and standard inventory. This paper’s main goal is to present the implementation of the Standardized Work tool for the waterproofing process with acrylic membrane at a construction site from a Brazilian building company to improve productivity, work conditions and precision in service’s execution. The methodology for developing this study case includes monitoring the waterproofing service, charting the collected information, analyzing data and graphics obtained, proposing a new sequence of activities and discussing it with the production and management teams. The production team supervisor has daily observed the new work routine established and the analysis has shown a 33.33% of productivity increase related to the initial stage. Furthermore, one member of the production team received a promotion, the team has better work conditions and instruments that are more adequate for the service execution, improving safety and reducing ergonomic risks to workers. Finally, the management team has improved its control and accompaniment, facilitating the knowledge management. Therefore, the company identified the implementation of Standardized Work as an original, functional, feasible and easily replicable tool to other construction services.


Lean construction, standardization, production, waterproofing, productivity.



Fernandes, N. B. L. S. , Saggin, A. B. , Valente, C. P. , Brito, F. L. & Mourão, C. A. M. A. 2015. The Standardized Work Tool Applied to the Waterproofing Process With Acrylic Membrane, 23rd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 133-142.

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