Reasons for an Optimized Construction Logistics

Sebastian Lange1 & Dominic Schilling2

1Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing., Scientific Assistant, Institute of Construction Management, University of Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 685-66969, [email protected]
2MSc.Student, Real Estate Engineering and Management, University of Stuttgart, Germany, [email protected]


The claim of German builders is to realize individual and complex construction projects in the shortest possible design and construction time. Thereby the target achievement depends on a systematic and structured planning of the construction site and the associated construction sequences. The construction logistics has the function to coordinate the core areas material, employees and information so that the correct material is available on a proper price, at the correct place, at the right time, in the exact quality and quantity, for the correct client (7 R’s). Through the implementation of a superior, need-based coordination of the logistics, based on the required quantities, an efficient realization of buildings is feasible. Thus, time, quality and cost targets can be achieved. Unclear is the question about the cost assumption for the site logistics. As for large-scale projects in Germany normally general contractors are assigned, they want to apportion the costs for the logistics to their subcontractors. Therefore, based on a practical example the trade-specific logistical effort is measured and characteristic values are generated. Based on these characteristic values the resulting logistical effort can be offset against the subcontractors. Through a lean logistics, also incentives for all parties are created.


Lean construction, logistics, value stream, work flow.



Lange, S. & Schilling, D. 2015. Reasons for an Optimized Construction Logistics, 23rd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 733-742.

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