Post Measuring the Last Planner Metrics in Shelter Rehabiliation Projects

Mahmoud S. El Jazzar1 & Farook Hamzeh2

1Masters Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, America University of Beirut, Beirut Riad El-Solh 1107 2020,Lebanon ,[email protected]
2Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, American Universityof Beirut, Beirut Riad El-Solh 1107 2020,Lebanon, [email protected]


The Last Planner System (LPS) implementation showed great results in improving workflow for construction projects. In order to apply LPS, companies must collect key metrics on site; such data include Percent Plan Complete (PPC) for tasks done on site. In this study, ten shelters from “Self-help” rehabilitation project were monitored. To identify workflow issues and highlight causes of delay PPC was measured for the duration of the project. This study is a personal effort to assess the reliability of workflow in the light of the fact that contractors do not apply the LPS. The results showed that “Self-Help” delivery method promoted lean behaviour in families who were engaged in the rehabilitation process. They tackled constrains, expedited the work and organized construction activities in sound manner; thus, achieving high PPC. However, families who did not engage in rehabilitation process failed to finish their shelters on time, and achieved a low PPC. Reasons for incomplete weekly tasks were recorded and analysed. The main goal of this on-going research is to improve workflow of UN projects, highlight causes of delays, and add value to refugees by removing impediments to construction workflow so that projects can be finished sooner and at a lower cost.


United Nations, PPC, work flow, self-help, LPS, agile.



Jazzar, M. S. E. & Hamzeh, F. 2015, 'Post Measuring the Last Planner Metrics in Shelter Rehabiliation Projects' In:, Seppänen, O., González, V. A. & Arroyo, P., 23rd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Perth, Australia, 29-31 Jul 2015. pp 783-792

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