Misconceptions of Lean: Why Implementation Fails

Brianna Chesworth1

1Ampcontrol, Australia


Successful implementation of lean strategies is more than an overall acceptance of ideology, tools and practices; it is about acceptance of the changing culture. Culture drives implementation through the adoption of best practice principles providing the organisations with a sense of achievability. To date research in the field has provided companies with a false sense of implementation security; promoting many social, financial and cultural benefits without the acknowledgement of the overall challenge – knowledge. Utilising the action research method this paper explores the concept of knowledge and is application in lean implementation within a leading Australian construction company. The paper highlights a need for the streamlining of lean knowledge at the core of implementation strategizing. The paper proposes that developing an awareness of knowledge in a theoretical context will assist in challenging cultural behaviours within the practical application.


Implementation, lean construction, misconception, organisational culture.



Chesworth, B. 2015. Misconceptions of Lean: Why Implementation Fails, 23rd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 621-630. doi.org/

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