Commitment Planning and Reasons Analysis

David Seymour1 & John Rooke2



The paper contrasts the Planning Model, identified by Suchman (1987), which posits that planning precedes action (evidence of the application of which is to be found in many aspects of organisational practice and research), with an Alternative Model which emphasises the situated, interactive nature of planning and action. It argues that the logic which underlies Commitment Planning and Reasons Analysis, as developed by the LCI, implicitly embraces this Alternative Model. Some practical and theoretical considerations concerning the use of these tools for process improvement and for the understanding of organisational change are discussed.


Lean construction, planning, commitment planning, reasons analysis.



Seymour, D. & Rooke, J. 2000. Commitment Planning and Reasons Analysis, 8th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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