A Measurement Model for Lean Construction Maturity

Claus Nesensohn1, Dave Bryde2 & Christine Pasquire3



At IGLC 2014 a Lean Construction Maturity Model (LCMM) was introduced. The LCMM comprises five maturity levels, eleven Key Attributes (KAs), and sixty defined Behaviours, Goals & Practices (BG&Ps); with 75 Ideal Statements to measure organisational maturity in the adoption of LC. Whilst recognizing that it is not necessary or desirable to derive a narrow and precise definition of LC – indeed there are many different ways in which an organisation may apply LC principles in practice, a degree of measurement is required in order to assess and where appropriate improve current practices. In the words of a well-known maxim: what get measured gets managed. This paper describes the research method used to validate the LCMM, which was done using focus groups, and presents the validated model. It also contributes to our understanding of the usefulness of measuring approaches to LC by using the LCMM to illustrate differentiating characteristics between organisations that are “mature” and “immature” in LC.


Lean construction, continuous improvement, transformation, maturity models, focus groups.



Nesensohn, C. , Bryde, D. & Pasquire, C. 2015. A Measurement Model for Lean Construction Maturity, 23rd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 652-660. doi.org/

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