A Deeper Look Into the Perception and Disposition to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in Colombia

Sebastian Forero1, Sebastian Cardenas2, Hernando Vargas3 & Camilo Garcia4

1Project Engineer, Urbansa S.A. Formerly Undergraduate Student, Civil Engineering, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia,(+57) 320 347 4934, [email protected]
2Graduate Student, Civil Engineering, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia,[email protected]
3Titular Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Department of Architecture, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia, Carrera 1 Este 19ยช-40, ML 436,[email protected]
4Project Executive, DPR Construction. 2941 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042,[email protected]


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) has been utilized as an alternative project delivery method by encouraging team collaboration, sharing risks/rewards, and more importantly, requiring trust and transparency amongst all stakeholders for projects in the United States. In Colombia, a traditional approach for delivery of projects is typically utilized under a Design/Bid/Build model with limited collaboration. This paper describes the analysis conducted to evaluate potential barriers of implementation of IPD concepts as a delivery method for construction projects in Colombia. The analysis conducted includes research of perceived cultural, financial, legal and technological barriers to stimulate the adoption of collaborative delivery models. It includes a survey and interviews with different stakeholders and industry members (developers, designers, construction managers and general contractors) to understand the benefits and shortcomings when engaging with collaborative methods. Survey results were evaluated by using correlational coefficient models to gauge dependencies among all factors identified as potential inhibitors of IPD. Detailed analyses of the findings as well as future steps for a successful implementation of IPD in Latin America, focused in the Colombian case study are discussed.


Integrated project delivery (IPD), Colombia, South America, implementation barriers, collaboration, project management, trust, transparency, design/bid/build



Forero, S. , Cardenas, S. , Vargas, H. & Garcia, C. 2015. A Deeper Look Into the Perception and Disposition to Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in Colombia, 23rd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 297-306. doi.org/

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