Impacts Of "The Last Planner" Method on Sanitation Works

Agustin Yoza Levano1

1Implementations Coordinator in the Project Management Department, Civil Engineer. Paseo de la República 4675, Lima, GyM, Mobile: (511) 985105398, Telephone: (511) 2130444 – extensión 0233, [email protected]


This document brings together the concepts and applications of Production Management, based on Last Planner techniques, as applied in the works of Sedapal Lot 7 and Lot 10, with the purpose of passing on our experience in Sanitation Projects so that the reader can understand the dynamics applied and adapt them into his/her own work, related to the emphasis on planning and optimization of flows by means of waste detection and continuous improvement application.


Flow, Planning, Programming, Requirements, Production



Levano, A. Y. 2011. Impacts Of "The Last Planner" Method on Sanitation Works, 19th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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