The Lean Journey: Implementing the Last Planner ® System in Construction

Farook R. Hamzeh1

1Assistant Professor, Department of Construction Management, 223 Guggenheim Hall, Colorado State University, CO 80523-1584, USA, [email protected]


The Last Planner ® system for production planning and control has helped construction projects improve planning reliability, production performance, and construction workflow. However, many organizations face significant hurdles when implementing the Last Planner ® system for the first time. The hurdles are multifaceted and are tied to organizational, cultural, and technical factors. This paper highlights implementation issues mentioned in the literature and reports implementation challenges and failures experienced on three construction projects. Using action-based research where the author was actively involved in implementing the Last Planner® system on the three projects, the paper presents a framework for successful implementation of the Last Planner® system on construction projects drawing on previous research, lessons learned from change management, and previous lean implementations. The suggested framework will be tested on future construction projects newly implementing The Last Planner ® system for proper model calibration.


Lean Construction, The Last Planner ® System, Production Planning and Control, Implementation, and Change Management



Hamzeh, F. R. 2011. The Lean Journey: Implementing the Last Planner ® System in Construction, 19th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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