Improving Built-in Quality by Bim Based Visual Management

Enni Laine1, Otto Alhava2 & Arto Kiviniemi3

1Project Engineer, Fira Oy, Master of Science (Tech.), Phone +358 4009 81855, [email protected]
2Chief Technology Officer, Fira Oy, Master of Science (Tech.), Phone +358 4007 92493, [email protected]
3Professor, University of Liverpool, School of Architecture, Abercromby Square, Liverpool, L69 7ZN, United Kingdom, Phone +44 151 794 3575, email: [email protected]


Efficient and flawless information management plays a key role in successful execution of construction projects, but it has been difficult to implement in the traditional document-based environment. A root cause for waste in construction projects is inaccessible, inadequate or missing information. Necessary information is produced by several parties and it is often fragmented, inconsistent or in an impractical format. A lot of time is wasted - meaning that value is destroyed - in searching information needed for activities on construction site due to the fact that even if the information exists somewhere in the documents, it is not easily available. Visual control systems defined in Lean methodology strive for improving the value added flow. Building Information Modelling (BIM) can facilitate organisation and visualisation of information for specific needs in the process. This paper explores how combining principles of Visual Control and BIM could improve information delivery from information producers to information users to reduce waste in searching and processing the information. The methods of literature study, Value Stream Mapping and Root Cause Analysis are used. Software-based Standardised Model Views (SMVs) and their automated creation from BIM, based on predefined use cases and end-user needs are proposed and illustrated. The use of SMVs facilitates Lean information management, thus reducing rework and time spent on waiting, increasing built-in quality and enhancing flow in production. Evaluated savings in a single subcontractor’s work time are at least 10% when SMVs are used.


Lean, BIM, VDC, Visual Control, Information Management, standardised model views, Built-in Quality, Waste



Laine, E. , Alhava, O. & Kiviniemi, A. 2014. Improving Built-in Quality by Bim Based Visual Management , 22nd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 945-956.

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