Evaluation of Supply and Service of Steel Assembly of Structures

Rodrigo T. Honório1, José Martins C. da Costa2 & Sheyla M. B. Serra3

1Civil Engineer, São Paulo, SP, Brasil, [email protected]
2Civil Engineer, Master’s student in the Post Graduation Program in Structures and Civil Engineering, Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar), São Carlos, SP, Brasil, [email protected]
3Civil Engineer, PhD Professor, Civil Engineering Department, Universidade Federal de São Carlos (UFSCar), São Carlos, SP, Brasil, [email protected]


The Brazilian construction market experienced a period of great acceleration which led the enterprises to struggle to find new ways of keeping themselves competitive, always aiming at the fundamental triangle in this sector: quality, time limits and cost. One strategy chosen is the application of concepts derived from Toyotism and lean production. This thought seeks to add value to the product in order to please the customer, seeking to avoid waste and reducing time. An area under direct influence of these factors is the supply sector in civil construction. The management of this sector is of great difficulty due to its complexity. This article discusses the application of the lean thinking to the management of this sector, named Lean Supply. This study was based on the analyses of the supply of steel bars and strands for the service of assembly of structures in a construction site. Initially, the constructive and technological process was studied, followed by the analyses of the supply system, contract management and logistics work. Thus, it was possible to make a Value Stream Mapping (VSM) in the current state. After analysis, a VSM was prepared in the future state. This study generated suggestions for the application of Lean Supply to the construction project studied, involving aspects of external logistics, production cycle, hiring of suppliers, administrative organization, executive technology and projects analysis.


Civil Construction, Lean Construction, Lean Supply, Value Stream Mapping.



Honório, R. T. , Costa, J. M. C. & Serra, S. M. B. 2014. Evaluation of Supply and Service of Steel Assembly of Structures, 22nd Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 1057-1068. doi.org/

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