Integrating Information Accross Construction Supply Chain Using nD Modelling

Xianguang Li1, Ghassan Aouad2, Peter McDermott3, Ying Liu4 & Carl Abbott5

1PhD candidate, Department of the Construction Management and Real Estate, Southeast University, China. Visiting Fellow of SCRI at University of Salford, UK. Phone +44 (0)161 2955352; [email protected]
2Professor, Dean of the Faculty of Business, Law & the Built Environment, University of Salford, UK. Director of the SCRI Research Centre, Phone +44 (0)161 2955176; [email protected]
3Professor, Salford Centre for Research & Innovation (SCRI) at University of Salford, UK. Phone +44 (0)161 2954808; [email protected]
4Lecture, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Xinhua University, China. Phone +86 (0)551 5364580; [email protected]
5Senior research, Salford Centre for Research & Innovation (SCRI) at University of Salford, UK. Phone +44 (0)161 2953172;


Information integration has been recognized as key factors for effective construction supply chain (CSC) management. It acts as an enabler to implement lean production philosophy by facilitating information sharing, joint decision making, process integration and team cooperation. This paper aims to explore an nD modelling based information system to enhance the CSC information integration and sharing. Mixed methodologies including literature review, theory analysis and workshop discuss were employed. The research identified that lack of information integration across the CSC is the main barrier to effective supply chain information management. An nD modelling based two level construction supply chain information system, consisting of operational project supply chain extranet and strategic organizational supply chain extranet, was proposed and illustrated in detail. Application of the system shows it could enable construction information integration and interdisciplinary analysis to facilitate collaborative decision making and process integration, and also provide a solution to match the principle of long term cooperation for supply chain management with the actual unique and transient nature of project based construction.


information integration, construction supply chain (CSC), nD modeling



Li, X. , Aouad, G. , McDermott, P. , Liu, Y. & Abbott, C. 2008, 'Integrating Information Accross Construction Supply Chain Using nD Modelling' In:, Tzortzopoulos, P. & Kagioglou, M., 16th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Manchester, UK, 16-18 Jul 2008. pp 839-848

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