The Marriage of CPM and Lean Construction

Bob Huber1 & Paul Reiser2

1Scheduling Manager, The Boldt Company, Box 419, Appleton Wisconsin USA 54912-0419. [email protected]
2Vice President, Production and Process Innovation, The Boldt Company, Box 419, Appleton Wisconsin USA 54912-0419. [email protected]


Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling is the hallmark of current project management practice. This paper explains how one practitioner applies the Lean ideal of a “custom product, delivered instantly, without waste” to CPM scheduling. The paper also demonstrates how CPM scheduling and the Last Planner™ System can be complimentary processes that improve crew flow and work flow in a Lean based project management approach. Further, the paper introduces the concept of attention as a wasteable project resource and presents methods for its efficient utilization.


CPM as product, crew flow mapping, interactive scheduling, soft logic, crew-centric planning, coordinating conversations, attention as resource, pull intensity



Huber, B. & Reiser, P. 2003, 'The Marriage of CPM and Lean Construction' In:, 11th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Virginia, USA, 1-.

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