An Update on Last Planner

Glenn Ballard1 & Gregory A. Howell2

2Research Director and Managing Director, respectively, Center for Innovation in Product & Production Management (dba Lean Construction Institute), [email protected].


The Last Planner system of production control has now been in use for a number of years. Its inventors provide an update consisting of a description of innovations and changes, thoughts on theoretical foundations, proposals regarding work structuring, phase scheduling and reliable promising, and recommendations for further development. Special emphasis is placed on the relationship between scheduling and production control, and also on the technique of phase scheduling to specify the handoffs that are the control foci for Last Planner.


Last Planner, linguistic action, phase scheduling, production control, project control, work structuring



Ballard, G. & Howell, G. A. 2003. An Update on Last Planner, 11th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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