Team-Leader Walk as Interdiciplinary Comunication Tool at the Building Site

Håkon Fyhn1 & Lars Andersen2

1Senior Researcher, NTNU Social Research, Trondheim Norway, [email protected]
2Research Professor, NTNU Social Research, Trondheim Norway


This paper introduces the concept of ‘team-leader walk’ as part of the construction process organized through TAKT production. The purpose of the team-leader walk, is to help teamleaders see, communicate and plan further ahead in the construction process. By systematically walking through the different zones of the building under construction, while discussing plans and coordination issues one to three weeks ahead, the building site is used as communication tool in the interdisciplinary communication between the teamleaders. Appealing to the often-well-developed practical intelligence of the team-leaders, we argue that the building site itself, enhances the ability to look ahead better than visualisation tools alone. The team-leaders, as last planners become better equipped to take part in the continuous planning. A condition for the team-leader walk, as presented here, is that the construction is organised according to a systematic movement in time and space – such as TAKT production. The study is based on observations and interviews at two building projects where the team-leader walk was tested in 2018. While the validity is limited by the number of cases, the building company in study find the results so promising they have decided to implement the team-leader walk in further building projects.


Lean construction, team-leader walk, last planner, takt



Fyhn, H. & Andersen, L. 2019. Team-Leader Walk as Interdiciplinary Comunication Tool at the Building Site, Proc. 27th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 1251-1262.

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