Integrated Lean and Bim Processes for Modularised Construction – A Case Study

Kevin McHugh1, Bhargav Dave2 & Ray Craig3

1Associate Director, Mace Technology (Ireland) , [email protected]
2CEO, VisiLean Ltd, Finland, [email protected]
3Construction Director, Mace Technology (Ireland) [email protected]


Integrated lean and BIM practices have a proven track record of improving the efficiency of the construction project lifecycle as demonstrated by several case studies and research projects. Lean and BIM synergies range from design coordination to pre-construction, production management and eventually handover and operations. Similarly, offsite manufacturing and modularisation also has a proven track record of improving the effiencies of the production phase and there are significant synergies between lean and offsite. Although lean construction is increasingly being applied on construction projects, applications that support its implementation on construction site remain limited. Production is significantly managed through manual processes and disparate systems. Previous case studies have proven that the use of BIM with lean practices during the construction phase improves the efficiency of planning. One of the major aspects of lean and BIM implementations is the support of the Last Planner System and tracking of production status to ensure production runs smoothly. While 4D planning has been used to support pre-construction planning and first run studies, it has had limited success with tracking real-time production status and supporting the Last Planner System. This paper provides an insight into an integrated lean and BIM implementation project supporting a highly modular and offsite production process on a data centre project. The case study highlights how lean and BIM can help the team to visualise the production plans, control the production in the field, report accurate production status and support the continuous improvement process.


Lean construction, BIM, offsite manufacturing, digitisation, lean and BIM



McHugh, K. , Dave, B. & Craig, R. 2019, 'Integrated Lean and Bim Processes for Modularised Construction – A Case Study' In:, Proc. 27th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC). Dublin, Ireland, 3-5 Jul 2019. pp 228-238

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