Lean Leadership Training: Lessons From a Learner-Centered Analysis

Cory Hackler1, Erika Byse2, Thais da C. L. Alves3 & Dean Reed4

1DPR Construction, 1450 Veterans Boulevard, Redwood City, CA. [email protected]
2DPR Construction, 222 N. 44th Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85034, [email protected]
3Associate Professor, J.R. Filanc Construction Engineering and Management Program, Dept. of Civil, Constr., and Env. Engineering, San Diego State University, USA, [email protected]
4DPR Construction, 1450 Veterans Boulevard, Redwood City, CA. [email protected]


This paper presents an analysis of a Lean Leadership (LL) training program initiated by the company about two years ago. The program’s main goal was to disseminate Lean throughout the company, which has been using Lean principles in its projects for about 20 years. So far, the LL program has reached over 280 participants. The program is constantly analysed via feedback provided by participants, however, no detailed analysis like the one presented herein has been conducted and shared. Participants of the program were requested to provide feedback about the program by answering a survey designed to capture their background and impressions the training.Data revealed that respondents with different roles, mostly related to field tasks, are attending the program and would recommend it to others. Most respondents consider themselves Lean leaders and educate others on Lean content. Respect for people, use of visuals, go and see, and use of PlanDo-Check-Act (PDCA) have been reported as Lean tools and principles constantly used. By sharing the lessons learned about this program, the authors expect to contribute to the change management and education literature within the Lean community.


Lean leadership, training, Lean journey, change



Hackler, C. , Byse, E. , Alves, T. C. L. & Reed, D. 2018, 'Lean Leadership Training: Lessons From a Learner-Centered Analysis' In:, 26th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Chennai, India, 18-20 Jul 2018. pp 484-494

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