Application of 4D Bridge Information Model as a Lean Tool for Bridge Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study

Aneetha Vilventhan1 & R Rajadurai2

1Assistant Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, NIT Warangal, [email protected]
2M.Tech Construction Engineering and Management student, SRM University, [email protected]


Construction projects require the coordination of multiple organizations. The production flow of these projects is often hampered through sources of wastes such as improper utilization of the skills of the labours and lack of coordination with the multiple organizations involved in these projects. Bridge information modelling provides a powerful platform for visualizing work flow and collaboration between organizations throughout the life cycle of the project. In this paper, 4D bridge information models for a concrete bridge (flyover) construction project was built through integrating 3D BrIM model with the schedule. The developed 4D bridge information model enabled value addition through improved visualization, co-ordination and communication among project participants. This study provides a practical contribution by showing that project stakeholders can use 4D BrIM models as a lean tool to prevent undesirable situations and reduce the overruns, rework and improve the effective utilisation of labours in Bridge construction projects.


Lean tool, bridge information modelling, visualisation, coordination, 4D BrIM model



Vilventhan, A. & Rajadurai, R. 2018, 'Application of 4D Bridge Information Model as a Lean Tool for Bridge Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study' In:, 26th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Chennai, India, 18-20 Jul 2018. pp 1229-1239

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