Design Management in a Design Office: Development of the Knowledge Base

Ergo Pikas1, Lauri Koskela2 & Roode Liias3

1Aalto University, Department of Civil Engineering, [email protected] and Tallinn University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, [email protected]
2University of Huddersfield, School of Art, Design and Architecture
3Tallinn University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering


In this second paper in a series of three, the aim is to develop a theoretical knowledge base for design science research (DSR) activity within the next paper. This is primarily a literature review based paper, inspired by the problems summarized in the first paper. The paper starts with a description and justification of the prototheory of design and design rhetoric. It has been argued that the design science has been concerned with the artefact rather as a technical than a social phenomenon. It is opportune to propose that the proto-theory of design and design rhetoric represent different, yet related dimensions of a productive act (techne). These concepts provide the necessary prescription for the root cause analysis of the problems addressed within the first paper and practical design and design management conceptualization within the third paper.


Design, proto-theory of design, rhetoric, design rhetoric



Pikas, E. , Koskela, L. & Liias, R. 2017, 'Design Management in a Design Office: Development of the Knowledge Base' In:, 25th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Heraklion, Greece, 9-12 Jul 2017. pp 539-546

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