Design Management in a Design Office: Development of the Model for 'To-Be'

Ergo Pikas1, Lauri Koskela2 & Olli Seppänen3

1Aalto University, Department of Civil Engineering, [email protected] and Tallinn University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, [email protected]
2University of Huddersfield, School of Art, Design and Architecture
3Aalto University, Department of Civil Engineering


As the third paper on design management in a series of three, design science research activity was carried out. Based on the problems identified within the first paper and the knowledge base established in the second paper, theoretical and practical design process and management models were developed. Within the language of two-step abductive reasoning, the theoretical model served as a solution concept for developing a practical solution. This research reports the first cycle of design science research. The result is the description of "to-be" to facilitate the change management within the case study organization.


Root causes, design model, design management



Pikas, E. , Koskela, L. & Seppänen, O. 2017, 'Design Management in a Design Office: Development of the Model for 'To-Be'' In:, 25th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Heraklion, Greece, 9-12 Jul 2017. pp 555-562

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