Constructability Analysis of Architecture–Structure Interface Based on BIM

João Bosco P. Dantas Filho1, Bruno Maciel Angelim2, Joana Pimentel Guedes3, Sâmia Silva Silveira4 & José de Paula Barros Neto5

1MBA, Master's Student, Federal University of Ceará. Architect, Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará (IFCE), Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 99168-0846, [email protected]
2C.E., VDC/BIM Coordinator, FortBIM Engenharia S/S, Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 98899-8589, [email protected]
3Architect, Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 98871-3620, [email protected]
4Architect and Urban Planner, Federal University of Ceará (UFC), LEED AP O+M, Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 99991-0750, [email protected]
5DBA., Full Professor, Department of Structural Engineering and Civil Construction, Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Fortaleza, Brazil, +55 85 99969-1871, [email protected]


One of the main factors responsible for the reduction of the overall performance and efficiency of buildings is poor project management. Studies have found the integration between design and construction processes has become an important requirement for improving project performance. Considering Lean philosophy has the potential to better integrate design and construction activities. This paper evaluates the request for information (RFI) associated with the interface between architecture and structure of a BIM model. Methodology was qualitative and research strategy was case study of a virtual construction of a residential building in Fortaleza, Brazil, with 15.925,67 m² of floor area and an estimated cost of $9, 2 million dollars. 260 RFI were analysed, 110 of which were associated with conflicts between structure, architecture and the MEP systems. That represents 42% of the total RFIs, the highest percentage among other RFI categories, such as plumbing systems, architecture vs. MEP, electrical systems, architecture, and fire protection and gas systems. This study aims to improve the architecture-structure design interface, and to assist virtual construction crews on what to watch for and how to identify design problems before they are taken to construction site.


Constructability, VDC, BIM, RFI, Lean.



Filho, J. B. P. D. , Angelim, B. M. , Guedes, J. P. , Silveira, S. S. & Neto, J. P. B. 2016, 'Constructability Analysis of Architecture–Structure Interface Based on BIM' In:, 24th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 20-22 Jul 2016.

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