Application of Lean Principles to Managing Construction of an IT Commercial Facility – An Indian Experience

Kalyan Vaidyanathan1, S. Mohanbabu2, P. Sriram3, Safiyur Rahman4 & S. Arunkumar5

1CEO, Nadhi Information Technologies, 22 Venkatraman Street, T. Nagar, Chennai 600017. India; Phone: +91 97910 41483; [email protected]
2AGM Planning, URC Construction Pvt. Ltd., 3rd Street URC Nagar, Thindal, Veerappampalayam, Erode, 638012. India; Phone + 91 96592 33511; [email protected]
3Project Head & Incharge, Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd. Elphinstone Building, 2nd floor, 10 Veer Nariman Road, Fort Mumbai 400001, India; Phone + 91 98840 34676; [email protected]
4Consultant, Nadhi Information Technologies; Phone + 91 98401 27629; [email protected]
5Planning Manager, CBRE India, Module 4A, A Block 10th Floor SP Infocity, No 40, MGR Salai Kandanchavadi, Perungudi, Chennai 600096. India; Phone + 91 98840 02201; [email protected]


Application of lean strategies in the Indian projects is in its infancy. Initial experience has been around application of the last planner system and value stream mapping. The authors have tried to implement that and other techniques including usage of BIM drawings and LBMS to improve project execution of a 200,000 sqm commercial facility to be delivered in 24 months. Using case study and implementation report research, the authors present their experience applying various lean process in this project. Specifically, the impact of the Last Planner System™ (LPS) in the civil phase of the project helped reduce the cycle time and eliminate delays. For the MEP phase, LPS combined with location based management system was used to effectively coordinate workfront across the subcontractors. A big room was created to share information and collaborate between owner, PMC, general contractor and fifteen subcontractors. The big room helped with improving coordination, reducing communication latency, and streamlining communication among the various agencies. The experience shows that while it took a couple of months to convince all to participate in the process, they all saw value once the new methodology was adopted. The paper concludes by discussing what limits successful adoption of lean techniques like these in the Indian context and potential ways of overcoming them.


Last Planner System, BIM, Location Based Management System, India, Commercial Real Estate.



Vaidyanathan, K. , Mohanbabu, S. , Sriram, P. , Rahman, S. & Arunkumar, S. 2016, 'Application of Lean Principles to Managing Construction of an IT Commercial Facility – An Indian Experience' In:, 24th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 20-22 Jul 2016.

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