Analysing the Acceptance of Customizable Attributes: A Case Study of a Construction Company in Fortaleza, Brazil

Lisyanne O. de Meneses Maia1, Angela de B. Saggin2, Mônica M. P. Albuquerque3 & Carlos Alexandre M. do Amaral Mourão4

1Project Coordinator, C. Rolim Engenharia Ltda, Fortaleza, Brazil, [email protected]
2Lean & Green Coordinator, C. Rolim Engenharia Ltda, Fortaleza, Brazil, [email protected]
3Partner and Owner, Interart Architecture + Interiors. Fortaleza, Brazil, [email protected]
4Technical Director, C. Rolim Engenharia Ltda., Fortaleza, Brazil, [email protected]


Multifamily residential come in standard designs, even though each house buyer has their own social household’s structure and lifestyle. Through users’ demands, the housing industry is evolving to meet their changes, allowing them to modify specific items on the floor plans during planning phase. The main goal of this research is to investigate the personalization preferences in flexible housing, analysing the acceptance of the standard architectural project proposed by the contractor. This paper analyses a construction company from Fortaleza, Brazil, which builds high-rise residential buildings and offers the buyer the possibility to personalize its unit. The company’s customization process is based on Lean Construction principles such as reducing rework, maintaining the continuous flow within construction sites and adding value to its clients, reducing the changes of layout during and after construction. The personalization is either mass customization or a custom-made plan, which is not designed by the contractor and needs previous approval. The research is quantitative and lists customizable accommodations to investigate the extent of acceptance or rejection of each attribute for two residential projects. There were 14 attributes analysed. Eight of them were classified as well accepted (over 80% of acceptance). Nevertheless, four were considered adaptable (within 40 and 79% of acceptance) and only two were not acceptable (less than 40% of acceptance).


Process, variability, customization, residential projects, program of needs.



Maia, L. O. M. , Saggin, A. B. , Albuquerque, M. M. P. & Mourão, C. A. M. A. 2016, 'Analysing the Acceptance of Customizable Attributes: A Case Study of a Construction Company in Fortaleza, Brazil' In:, 24th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Boston, Massachusetts, USA, 20-22 Jul 2016.

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