Getting UK Construction People to Think Lean - Where to Start? A Case Study

David Seymour1

1School of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham, UK


Lean Construction is an evolving body of successfully applied principles and practices. Developing and refining them through application involves talking to, persuading and negotiating with people in a position to try out their efficacy. This paper reports a construction project which, in the writer’s opinion, is fertile ground for persuading key participants that LC is relevant to their explicit aim of looking for better ways to do things. The purpose of the paper is to give some sense of the UK cultural context as experienced on this Project which, the writer believes, is germane to how the principles and practice of LC can most effectively be disseminated within UK construction.


Lean Construction, culture, change, benchmarking, measurement



Seymour, D. 1998, 'Getting UK Construction People to Think Lean - Where to Start? A Case Study' In:, 6th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Guarujá, Brazil, 13-15 Aug 1998.

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