Last Planner, Look Ahead, PPC: a Driver to the Site Operations

Antonio Sergio Itri Conte1

1Lean Construction Institute – Brazil, Civil Engineer, Master Degree in Production Engineering from Escola Politécnica of USP, Director of Logical Systems Consulting Ltd., Phone +55 011 573-6937, Fax +55 011 573-1397, e-mail:


The paper describes the experience of a civil engineering company of a small town in São Paulo State of introducing a model of production management in sites based on the concepts of Lean Construction. It presents the concept outlining of the model and reviews the practical results obtained in the construction of a library in the city of Campinas during the period of 18 months.


Production management; civil engineering; information flow



Conte, A.S.I. 1998, 'Last Planner, Look Ahead, PPC: a Driver to the Site Operations' In:, 6th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Guarujá, Brazil, 13-15 Aug 1998.

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